Encouraging Healthy Fat Loss

It can be extremely tricky to lose weight, actually I should say lose fat, and we are often tempted to use a quick fix solution to lose those extra pounds. With these practically overnight programs, you may lose weight initially but the answer to keeping your weight off permanently is to have a healthy fat loss system. There is no such thing as the perfect diet, I prefer to call it meal plan, but if you are realistic in your approach you can find a meal plan that is well suited for you.

To encourage healthy weight loss you must first take a look at your lifestyle habits. Lifestyle covers more than just what and how you eat, it covers things such as physical & social activities, work, sleeping, etc. But for now lets just start with your food. An easy way to do this is to start with keeping a food journal for one week and record every morsel of food which you put into your mouth. Now, a key factor here is to be honest with yourself! After the week is over take a look at your food choices and see if any one or more items jump out at you. This should be an eye opener as far as revealing to you if you are not getting adequate amounts of proteins, carbs and fats or if you are getting too much of one or another.

You might notice right away that you are drinking way too much soda. Drinking excessive amounts of soda is one of the biggest reasons for gaining weight in the U.S. today and many other countries currently are experiencing the same dilemma. Other foods to look for are sugar and possibly too much of certain kinds of breads, cereals and potatoes. Are you taking time to prepare your food for each week or are you looking for the fastest foods and junk food groups. Are you guilty of popping a frozen dinner into the microwave, or are you taking the time to prepare healthy fresh food for the week?

So, analyzing your lifestyle is the first step to a new and better you. Initially it’ll feel like work. But, if you start with slight changes, as those changes become a part of your lifestyle you’ll find yourself making additional changes. Before you know it you’re not making the changes because you have to, you make them because you desire to. At that point it isn’t work anymore, it’s now your new and enjoyable life.

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