People Fail From a Lack of Knowledge

Those who know me know that I don’t recommend anything that I know doesn’t offer all that it claims. With all the confusion about what is good or bad when it comes to the health & fitness informational world, it’s easy to see why so many people are skeptical to try and increase their knowledge of the body and how to improve upon it by implementing a nutritional and workout program.

Being that our website is new, and it will take a few months to publish sufficient articles, review, recipes, etc, I wanted to at least post some of the books, CD’s and Ebooks that I personally recommend to my clients.

These books are a great source of sound information if you make the effort to consume what they offer. The problem with most people is that they only half heartedly put forth the effort required to reach their goals. In all aspects of life, people fail from a lack of knowledge. The same applies to their health & fitness goals. Lets take a look at a couple major problems.

If you desired to be a secretary, you obviously wouldn’t apply in these days for such a job unless you know how to use a word processing software, possibly a spreadsheet and some other important skills. These are basic qualifications for such a job, and could be far short of what is needed for specialty services such as law.

So, if you wouldn’t take on a job without knowledge related to the field, unless they offer training, which is still obviously increasing one’s education, why do most people think they can just start working out at home or in a local gym with no knowledge of their body, exercise technique and theory! And on top of that, they expect to drop an incredible 20 lbs in 15 days also? I guess we can blame the last part on infomercials and a few other variations of informational distribution! Remember, your body is the most complex machine there is, so invest in it by learning about it.

Ok, whether with or without knowledge results come with action, and action comes in various degrees. The more you put into something the more you get out of it. Not always is it a positive result though. Putting great effort into something such as exercise when wrong technique is implemented, and very often this is the case, is a recipe for disaster. The only positive result from this is that you keep a doctor/s in business with your injuries!

So, saying that you now have or already have the knowledge, you must take action, and take it serious. When in college, time doesn’t wait on you when test days arrive. You are either prepared or you’re not. Occasionally someone is just blessed with natural abilities to put less into studying and do great on tests. But, that’s not the norm. So, with this in mind, how much you study and the quality of your studying will prepare you to get the better test scores.

Using that scenario, saying that you possess the knowledge, put as much effort as you can and then a little more into achieving your health & fitness goals. Don’t expect more than you are putting into it. You’ll want to quit if you do from disappointing results. Put in little, you’ll receive little. Put in much, you’ll receive much! Obviously, too much of anything is not good, so don’t become too fanatical and over do it. Occasionally I’ve seen this happen, but usually, this is not the case.

Often I question clients and anyone who talks face to face with me or online about training for whatever goals they have, weight gain, weight loss or improving their general health. I ask them, “why are competitive body builders, figure competitors, etc able to lose body fat and get so ripped for a contest, and most people in general usually can’t?” I emphasize that they also achieve this ripped (a state where it looks like there is nothing between their skin and muscles) condition usually in 12-16 weeks. The answer is not desire, it’s self discipline.

There are many road to the same destination, but the quickest way is the straighter path with the least amount of obstacles along the way. Every path will present obstacles to one degree or another, but how you respond to those obstacles will determine how quick you will arrive at the destination point. So, implementing strong self discipline has to be your main ingredient to achieve victory, especially in the quickest possible time.

You have to stay focused, being committed to your definite purpose. It’s not about repeating the same tasks daily that will bore you and possibly desire to give up. It’s about staying on track, committed to your goal and not wavering up and down back and forth, and staying focused on that one goal long enough for it to work. It will manifest itself!

Remember this during your quest! No two individuals bodies are identical and they will not react to your program exactly the same as someone else’s will, not even to the best designed and implemented meal and exercise programs. So, don’t compare your progress to someone else’s. There isn’t one perfect answer to ANY goal you and ALL others may have! Work hard on implementing self discipline with your meal plan and exercise program. You’ll get the most out of it even if it’s not one of the considered “better” designed programs.

As far as quality programs to help increase that knowledge I spoke of, below I have displayed some books, CD’s and Ebooks that I personally recommend. These authors have earned their respect in the health & fitness industry. Whether a beginner or veteran in health & fitness, these products offer an overabundance of highly valuable information. Anyone and everyone can learn something from them.

Well, believe it or not. This started out as just going to be a paragraph along with my recommendations until I could add some reviews to our website LOL. Obviously I failed at keeping it short. But, truly, I just flowed with what I felt in my heart after starting to write.

Hopefully it’s now understandable why you might not of and now can turn your fantasy health & fitness dreams into reality!

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