Put a Motivational Spark in Your Mind and Body

Exercising to some is fun, and to others is a dreaded chore which they don’t look forward to. Keeping motivated towards their health & fitness goals is not always easy. So here’s a brief and effective tip that will turn into a great motivational tool for you.

Wear a heart rate monitor (HRM) all throughout the day for a few weeks for EVERYTHING. I can hear you now, “what” “why”? Wearing a heart rate monitor while doing things such as chores around the house, at work, playing with the children, etc. and obviously while exercising also, allows you to see the calories you are burning and if you’ve elevated your heart rate some, more towards your heart rate zone.

Now, the realization starts to appear. You’ll find that taking the stairs at work elevates it, and putting more effort when going up those stairs elevates it even more. Some examples would be be going up or down at a faster pace or step up 2 steps and step down 1. Another way is to go up the steps skipping the next step by stepping to the second step. I’m feeling exhausted just thinking about it (smiles). Playing with the children, a large percentage of us do have children, is another way usually not thought of. You’ll find putting more vigorous action into playing with them whether throwing a ball back and forth or rolling around on the ground accelerates the heart more and you’ll watch the daily calories expended raise higher and higher.

Monitoring yourself over a short period such as two weeks will put a motivational spark in your mind and body. Shortly, rather than forcing yourself to put out more effort in your daily tasks, you’ll automatically do it and find yourself starting to enjoy it. Actually, you’ll probably discover it to be more of a challenge and wanting to try and beat each previous days caloric expenditures.

So, what are you waiting for? If you have a heart rate monitor already, use it not just for your workouts but EVERYTHING ALL DAY LONG!!

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