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Set Your Mind and Your Body Will Follow

The root problem for many people who spend their lives procrastinating and making excuses as to why they don’t exercise is that they lack the proper mindset towards it. Typically the excuses to not workout go like this… “I don’t have time” “I’m tired” “I am too busy” “It’s boring” “I can’t afford a gym” “It hurts” But, all of these are just excuses. They really are. The truth is that people who don’t exercise…

Put a Motivational Spark in Your Mind and Body

Exercising to some is fun, and to others is a dreaded chore which they don’t look forward to. Keeping motivated towards their health & fitness goals is not always easy. So here’s a brief and effective tip that will turn into a great motivational tool for you. Wear a heart rate monitor (HRM) all throughout the day for a few weeks for EVERYTHING. I can hear you now, “what” “why”? Wearing a heart rate monitor while doing things such as chores around the house, at work, playing with…

Accepting Yourself

It is important that you come to a place where you feel comfortable with your body exactly as it is right now. By accepting your body just as it is – today – you are able to reduce the stress signals that are encouraging fat storage. Once you accept yourself as you are, you end the war with your body, and weight loss becomes natural.