The Master Key to an Effective Program

As an instructor I can’t express in words how annoying it can be to see people training with a bad program or poor technique. Despite these two notable shortcomings, quite often many of them have very impressive beach body physiques or very muscular, depending on their goals. Most people wouldn’t recognize these flaws and just assume that the exercise routine must be good, and the technique correct, based on the results this person is getting. The majority assume if they’re built good, well what they’re doing must be right.

Unfortunately, what they don’t realize is that many people with very good physiques received them from two things, their parents and just plain working out intense. Any honest knowledgeable insider in the fitness or bodybuilding industry will tell you people with high quality genetics, their muscles will react from just about any combination of programs and exercises whether right or wrong with intensive workouts and often with chemicals. I’m not condoning the use of chemicals, just stating the facts.

Even the genetically average drug-free individuals lifting weights will reap good results from a lousy program with hard works and the ability to tolerate pain. Yes, one day they will reach their genetic potential with the limited knowledge they have, but they will still have constructed a fine looking body by the time this happens.

At that point, the person would have to make a decision to either invest in increasing their knowledge of the body and exercise, or as many do, turn to chemicals if they haven’t already in order to improve from this point. The latter not being a wise choice!

Whether a bad or good program, the master key to an effective program is consistency and hard workouts. In other words, a poor program with intensity will produce better results than a good program if you’re loafing through it. I personally call them “socialite” workouts.

So, you should now understand, if you put forth the effort in a good program as in a bad program, you’ll get much better results from the good program. Furthermore, you will lower your risk of injury also.

Closing word. Without putting forth the effort, a good program is only as good as the paper it’s written on.

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