The No. 1 Fitness Trend

Over the years from the 70’s that fitness started to boom, workout trends have come and gone, but HIIT- style workouts are still the mania. So why are these type of workouts still growing in popularity? Here are the particulars you need to know about it.

First of all, HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. It is a cardiovascular type of workout, designed in intervals of various intensities and training session lengths. Basically it is the same as any cardio workout: it elevates your heart rate and increases the flow of blood through your veins.

So what makes it different than your typical cardio workouts? HIIT puts to work the anaerobic system also. This type of system is used for short bursts of energy from 10 seconds to approximately 2 minutes. During this time period the body utilizes primarily glucose in the muscles, but no oxygen. Utilizing this anaerobic system allows the person to get stronger and faster, increase endurance in walks and runs, as well as increasing your metabolism and increasing overall your physical performance. Inspite of these benefits and because of the level of intensity, experts do not recommend performing these workouts on consecutive days. The body requires more time to recover and during this time it’s creating new muscle burning fat. Check out the infographic for morning info about how to add some HIIT to your workouts.

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